How are you feeling?


Mindful Breathing with Mojo   

Focussing on your breathing and slowing it down can really help you to feel calm.   

Start by putting your hands onto your belly and concentrate on your belly going up and down.   

Breath in slowly and count to 10 in your head.   

Slowly breath out slowly while still counting.   

Close your eyes.   





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Press play to hear some relaxing music

Get Creative!

Doing something creative can really help to distract your mind and stop you thinking about your worries. Things like doodling, colouring, painting or writing an epic adventure story, can all help you to feel better. Sometimes we just need something to focus our mind on. You don't have to be brilliant at art either. Drawing doesn't have to be perfect as it is personal to you. You might even want to draw your worry and then throw straight into the bin! If you haven't got many art materials at home, speak to your parents or your class teacher; a normal pencil and some scrap paper will do just fine! 


Get lost in an adventure! 

Reading a book can transport you to different places! Whether that is Narnia, Hogwarts or Wonderland, you can choose where you go just by simply picking up a book. If you don't like reading then you probably haven't found the right book yet. There are so many wonderful books to choose from. Try not to judge them by their covers - it's what is on the pages that really counts. 



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