The Oscar Romero Award aims to support schools in realising and living the unique calling of a Catholic school to become an evangelising centre by empowering young people and staff to become true agents of the change they want to see in the world by putting their faith into action. The aim of the Award is to allow schools to reflect on and develop how well the principles of Catholic Social Teaching have been embedded into the school life and community.


St. Ursula’s were one of the first schools in the Diocese of Brentwood to receive the Participator level of the award. We are in the process of completing the Developer level.

Oscar Romero - Participator Level – Feedback

This is a detailed application which reflects a range of activities undertaken by staff and students at St Ursula's.

The school clearly has policies in place aimed at CHALLENGING INJUSTICE seen in the Equality and Anti Bullying Policies.

Your core values (5 Star Code of Conduct) which are taught through the Bounce Back programme together with evidence from the students' own work is to be commended and clearly demonstrates your COMMITMENT TO CST not just in promoting this to your students but also in encouraging Parents, through your website, to get involved and reinforce these values in the home.

Your work too as a UNICEF Rights Respecting School is also to be APPLAUDED.

In the Curriculum strand your evidence and summary statement indicates that CST IS EMBEDDED in RE, Science, English and History.

Evidence in the Practical strand is strong and shows your COMMITMENT TO RAISING AWARENESS OF THE NEEDS OF OTHERS LOCALLY through the involvement in raising funds for local charities including those focussing on Mental Health as well as St Francis Hospice, the food bank and Brentwood Catholic Children’s Society and nationally/globally through involvement in CAFOD's Walk against Hunger and the annual Poppy Appeal. Your efforts, not only to fundraise but also to develop greater awareness through the cultural diversity week activities is to be COMMENDED.

The efforts which the school made during the pandemic to ENGAGE all students including the extension of key worker provision to include vulnerable families is also NOTEWORTHY.

IT IS CLEAR THAT STUDENTS HAVE A 'VOICE' through RE Monitors and Pupil Chaplains.

Congratulations on achieving the Participator Level.

Judith Hoar