Year 4 get into the rhythm!

Image of Year 4 get into the rhythm!

This week, Year 4 learnt about Brazilian samba music and syncopation. They practised playing different syncopated rhythms and then created their own compositions.

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Year 4 Brigadeiros

Image of Year 4 Brigadeiros

In year 4, they have started a new D&T topic ‘Adapting a Recipe’. They made their first batch of Brazilian brigadeiros – they were delicious! Over the next few weeks, they will be designing their own brand, logos and packaging and making their own adapted version of the recipe. Each group’s…

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Chess club gets competitive!

Image of Chess club gets competitive!

Chess Club continued this week with children starting to learn some different openings and recording their moves. We are now at our maximum capacity of 30 children, and starting to get more competitive! After half term, we will be starting up a cup competition, but for now, our league table is up…

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Y5 Trip to Globe Theatre

Image of Y5 Trip to Globe Theatre

Year 5 really enjoyed their tour and workshop at the Globe Theatre in London today!




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Butterfly Conservation

Image of Butterfly Conservation

Back in November, our school made a pledge to create wild spaces to help improve the state of butterflies and moths in the UK. We have since been made aware of the Butterfly Recording Survey. 

If you would like to help by recording and logging the butterflies that you see, please read the…

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Chess Club

Image of Chess Club

This week saw the launch of Chess Club! Over the next few weeks, they are going to be learning notation to write down moves and record the progress of a game, as well as exploring different openings and strategies to win.  This week, they looked at how to set up a game, the moves that different…

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Building Bridges

Image of Building Bridges

This term, the children in Reception have been finding out about the famous characters in their books.

Here are some of the bridges that were constructed at home with the help of parents for the story of the 'Three Billy Goats Gruff'.




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Easter Mosaic

Image of Easter Mosaic

One of our Year 5 pupils got creative and completed a special craft mosaic. 

Well done and what a lovely way to celebrate Easter!

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Competition Winners!

Image of Competition Winners!

"Congratulations to our winners of the Easter Garden Competition! Amazing effort from you all! Each garden is very special and unique interpretation of the Easter Story.  Judged by the RE Monitors they were very impressed with all of these and loved the variety of materials, imagination and…

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Big Lent Walk

Image of Big Lent Walk

Throughout Lent, the children have been working hard to complete as many steps as possible for the 'Big Lent Walk'. All year groups have been walking regularly in our playgrounds and putting their 'faith into action'! Together we are hoping to walk 200km and raise vital funds for CAFOD to improve…

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Jack and the beanstalk!

Image of Jack and the beanstalk!

Last week Reception were reading all about Jack and the beanstalk.  They decided to plant and grow their own beanstalks but hopefully they don't find a giant at the top!  After planting the beans the children wrote about their favourite part of the story and also about when they planted the…

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Why is Pastoral Care at School Important?

Image of Why is Pastoral Care at School Important?

Pastoral care is a provision schools make to ensure the physical and emotional welfare of their pupils.  We all go through periods of difficulty in life, but sometimes these rough times are experienced at a young age when we do not yet have the experience to deal with them alone. Pastoral care can…

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