Please click on the links below to visit religious education websites for children and families:


CAFOD – Kid’s Zone comprises of fun global activities for children to do at home or at school.  Explore CAFOD and the wider world with our online games for kids, films and prayers for children, as well as printable activities to do indoors or outdoors. 


Bible Society is a wonderful website whose aim is to make the bible accessible to all families around the world. There are a wealth of great resources on the site.
The God Who Speaks is a website linked closely with the Bible Society that aims to help children to understand the word of God.
The Kid’s Bulletin is a beautiful website that creates activity booklet for every week’s gospel reading that are free to download!
Restart by ReQuest is a wonderful website dedicated to helping children to discuss the questions surrounding our faith. This is a great website to look at as a family.


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