Miss G Gilligan

Miss G Gilligan

English Reading & Writing Lead KS2

Mrs N Stone

Mrs N Stone

English Reading & Writing Lead EYFS/KS1

English Vision 2021-2024:

Our vision is to inspire children to read for pleasure and enjoyment.  We want our children to be confident readers with a thirst for knowledge who have good independent thinking skills and can develop their own interests through reading.  Our aim is to provide an environment that encourages children to ask questions and explore the world around through adventure, story and language.

Writing Vision 2021-2024:

We want our children to enjoy developing skills in a wide variety of writing genres. We aim to do this through the use of high quality texts, imaginative and varied cross curricular planning and teaching to bring the experience to life for the children. As a school we want to encourage children to write about the world they know and the wider the world they have yet to discover.

Phonics Vision 2021-2024:

To continue to provide a synthetic Phonics programme that is taught by Reading Teachers who are confident and knowledgeable about the RWI scheme. Children will continue to make rapid progress throughout the RWI levels, enabling them to apply their phonics skills into reading and writing.

The English Reading and Writing Curriculum Map below will tell you what is being taught in our school and when.

English & Writing Curriculum Map

Our school subject leaders complete action plans each year. These plans identify improvement priorities and show the actions the school is taking to develop the subject.

Phonics Action Plan

Reading Subject Action Plan

Writing Subject Action Plan

Subject policies provide a set of guidelines and expectations that are followed by the teachers of St Ursula’s Catholic Primary School. These policies ensure uniformity in the way subjects are planned for, implemented and assessed. 

English Policy