Mrs H Rose

CLC Lead KS2

Mrs C Kent


2021 CLC Vision:

To create a unique and personally tailored learning curriculum that not only fulfils the national curriculum but moves beyond it to engage, enthuse and excite our pupils into life-long learning. Fostering a desire to explore the world around them historically, physically, artistically and be able to reflect on how our British values stem from our history.


The CLC Curriculum Map and Target sheets below, will tell you what is being taught in our school and when.

CLC Curriculum Map

The creative learning curriculum encompasses skills of creativity and invites children to develop and nurture these important life skills through the following subjects:


Art Map     

Design Technology Map     

History Map     

Geography Map     

Computing Map     

Music Map


CLC Target Sheet



Art Target     

Design Technology Target     

History Target     

Geography Target     

Computing Target     

The CLC target sheet above encompasses Music 


Our school subject leaders complete action plans each year. These plans identify improvement priorities and show the actions the school is taking to develop the subject.

CLC Action Plan 


Art Action Plan    

 The CLC action plan above, encompasses DT, History and Geography

Computing Action Plan    

Music Action Plan


Subject policies provide a set of guidelines and expectations that are followed by the teachers of St Ursula’s Catholic Primary School. These policies ensure uniformity in the way subjects are planned for, implemented and assessed. 

CLC Policy



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