Mrs H Rose

Mrs H Rose

CLC Lead

Mr W Birbeck

Mr W Birbeck

D&T Lead

Mrs R Marshall

Mrs R Marshall

Computing Lead/KS2 Maths Lead

2021-2024 CLC Vision:

Our Creative Learning Curriculum (CLC) is a bespoke and fully inclusive curriculum that inspires and excites all pupils. As well as incorporating all aspects of the National Curriculum for Art, Computing, Design & Technology, Geography, History and Music, CLC goes beyond the national objectives and provides children with engaging experiences that enthuse them into life-long learning. With the revised theory of Blooms Taxonomy at the heart of the curriculum, our pupils learn in a sequential way, developing a deep understanding and a higher order of thinking. 


Through CLC, we foster an environment in which pupils have the opportunity to explore the world around them, to learn from our British and world-wide history, to embrace our British values and to become artistic, imaginative and creative individuals. It is a curriculum that is accessible for all, that celebrates all skills and achievements and that ultimately promotes a great love of learning.

The creative learning curriculum encompasses skills of creativity and invites children to develop and nurture these important life skills through the following subjects:

CLC Whole School Curriculum Map

Computing Map


Our school subject leaders complete action plans each year. These plans identify improvement priorities and show the actions the school is taking to develop the subject.

CLC Action Plan

Art Action Plan

Music Action Plan

Computing Action Plan

The CLC action plan above encompasses DT, History and Geography

Subject policies provide a set of guidelines and expectations that are followed by the teachers of St Ursula’s Catholic Primary School. These policies ensure uniformity in the way subjects are planned for, implemented and assessed. 

CLC Policy