The school sets targets for attendance and expects children to aim for 100% attendance to ensure they receive every opportunity to reach their full potential. 

The school gates open at 8:40am and lessons start straight after which is a total of 32.5hrs per week.

It is not acceptable to have frequent late arrivals as this disrupts the learning of the whole class, as well as placing the late child at the disadvantage of missing the start of the day.

Compulsory Session Times


Gates open at 8:40am

Morning Session           8:45am – 12:00pm

Afternoon Session        12:50pm – 3:15pm

School Closes 4:00pm


Gates open at 8:40am

Morning Session           8:45am – 12:00pm

Afternoon Session        12:50pm – 3:15pm

School Closes 4:00pm







If a pupil arrives at school after the register has closed it is recorded as an unauthorised absence. Twenty unauthorised sessions will result in a penalty notice being issued. In all cases a warning notice will be issued.

If a child is not in school, parents are required to phone the school before 9.00am to let us know the reason for their child’s absence. If we do not receive a phone call from a parent we will then attempt to contact the parent ourselves. We will do this for two reasons; firstly to make sure that the parent is aware that their child is not in school and secondly to enable us to officially record the absence. If the school has not had a reasonable explanation for absence, a home visit may be carried out by a senior member of staff or a Havering Educational Welfare Officer as part of our safeguarding procedures.

Although you may have provided a reason for absence, it is the school that decides if the absence is recorded as authorised or unauthorised.  The Local Education authority can issue a fixed penalty notice for unauthorised absences. 

Is my child too ill for school today:

Your school nurse is available to meet with you in school and there are school drop in sessions detailed on the school calendar or Tel: 0300 300 1857 / SPA :0300 300 1635  Email Address:  Website:  Facebook: NELFT Havering 0-19 children's services

You can also contact NHS Direct on 111 or visit their website here.

Local pharmacy - see your local pharmacist for help and advice.

Guidance - First Day Calling


Ensuring your child’s regular attendance at school is your legal responsibility and permitting absence from school without a good reason is against the law and may result in prosecution.


For safeguarding purposes, parents must telephone the school on every day of their child’s absence and if the school has not had a reasonable explanation for absence we will follow the guidance below:


Holiday in Term Time

There is no automatic entitlement in law for Leave of Absence in term time for family holidays

The Governors and Local Authority will not authorise requests for family holidays and leave of absence in term time. The parent is guilty of an offence under S.444A Education Act 1996 if they fail to accept these conditions. 

The school takes a firm view on any absence during term time. Under new legislation introduced in 2013 the school cannot authorise any leave of  absence during term time. If a student is absent prior or does not return after a school holiday (half term, Christmas, Easter or Summer) the parent/carer will need to provide medical evidence to cover the absence. Failure to provide this evidence will result in the absence being marked as unauthorised and such this will be referred to the Attendance and Behavior Support Service.

Penalty Notice 

Routine Appointments

Routine appointments should be arranged out of school hours or during the 172 days off school per year. Where an interruption to the school day is unavoidable, for example an urgent medical appointment, please arrange this for as late in the day as possible to avoid your child missing the essential learning skills which mainly take place in the morning sessions.  Evidence of appointments must be provided.



Attendance Policy

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