St Ursula’s Catholic Primary School is a community where the spiritual, cultural and personal worlds within which we live are harmonised to form the roots from which grow our values, motivation, aspirations and the moral imperatives that inform our choices and actions as persons. When pupils join our school they not only become part of this community, but the St Ursula’s family. Every day starts with an Act of Worship, we give thanks before lunch and we end the day with a prayer. 


LINK: School Prayers


The programme of Religious Education we follow is Come and See in line with the expectations of the diocese. Religious Education is taught to all children in the school for 10% of the curriculum time, as directed by the bishop. This equates to two hours and fifteen minutes in KS1, and two and a half hours per week in KS2. The children recognise the importance of their R.E. lesson and it is considered central to the whole school curriculum. We follow key teachings from Catholic traditions that are taken from the RECD (Religious Education Curriculum Directory). Through this directory, the children are taught the basics of Catholic faith and morality, with constant reference to their own life experience. 

RE Inspection and Section 48

Inspection and Section 48 is the RE Inspection that is carried out in schools that have a religious character.  

RE and Catholic Life Inspections take place every 5 years with an interim monitoring visit on the third year to ensure that all previous judgements are still sound and to review progress.

LINK: Section 48 Report


We have excellent links with our parish church, St Dominic’s, with the parish priest making weekly visits to the school as part of our pastoral programme. The whole school attends mass at St Dominic’s on special occasions, and individual year groups are given the opportunity to celebrate masses on a more intimate level throughout the school year.


Our school mission statement embodies everything that we do here at St Ursula’s. We recognise that God is at the heart of all that we do, and that with the support of our school community we can work together to achieve our goals.


Mission Statement:

With God at the heart of our St Ursula’s family, we welcome all as we learn and grow together

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