Teachers are committed to teaching each pupil to fully develop their talents and aptitudes, to be able to meet realistic expectations and to expect demands to be made upon them. We believe that this is what parents want from the school and to do otherwise would be a waste of a child’s potential.

The curriculum is a broad and balanced one taught within the Catholic ethos of the school. The curriculum is demanding, challenging and rigorous. Pupils will learn good habits of work, develop their intellectual, moral and spiritual skills to emerge as well-educated, responsible and Catholic citizens.

Pupils are taught using a variety of methods including whole class teaching, group work and on a one-to-one basis. Teachers are very conscious that every child matters and adapt their teaching methods accordingly. The school actively promotes the National Curriculum aims to foster independent learning.

Assessment is regular, objective and an integral part of learning allowing the pupil and the teacher to identify strengths and weaknesses thereby motivating the pupil to see how progress can be achieved.

The school has adopted Assessment for Learning which involves teacher, peer and self assessment in order to enhance learning. All these approaches aim to ensure that all pupils achieve their academic potential.

Staff development is of great importance and all staff are highly valued. The support staff are a large and vital part of the school who provide a high standard of work which all contributes to the pupils’ success.

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