Is there enough work? – There will be enough work to last 4 weeks. Some year groups are still uploading work so please check regularly– Please follow the suggested timetable.


What if you are closed for longer than 4 weeks? Will more work be uploaded? – Our staff have planned and are planning in the event that we are closed for longer. We will update our home schooling after 4 weeks.


My child is finishing the tasks very quickly – The timetable is just a guideline. Please remember that within a lesson, the teacher provides input and questioning time.


What should my child do when they finish an activity? – When finishing Maths activities, your child could use our provided links to access Maths websites or learn their Xtables. When they have completed English work they can read, read and read! They could also learn their spellings on Spellodrome.


The work is too hard/easy – Please use other year group work to challenge or meet the needs of your child. When differentiating teachers often revisit work from the previous year groups.


We only have 1 laptop so can’t complete all the work – At this time, the priority is the safety of our children. We do not expect all the work to be completed but please attempt it, when able to.


My child has told me that they have already completed this work in class? Some activities may have already been taught but teachers feel it is best to re-visit topics to cement knowledge and review prior learning.


The documents won’t load? – This could be because of your Internet browser (Google Chrome works best).


Will this work be marked? – Following the guidance from the government, this work will not be marked; however, we ask that the work is returned to school when your child returns.


Do we have to print the work? No. On Thursday 19th March, pupils were sent home with a book. Please use these books to complete their work. If your child was absent or has lost their book, please answer on paper.


The answers are in the back of the booklet – Why? – This allows children to check their answers once the activities are completed. As always, we ask parents to supervise children while they use the internet.


Can I come and collect extra work? -  NO. The school is closed. There are enough links and uploaded work to keep your child busy.  


I don’t know how to help my child with their work! Don’t panic! You’re not expected to teach your child. There are excellent videos on Youtube and CorbetsMaths and BBCBitesize that show and explain how to answer certain Maths and English questions.


I’m worried my child is missing out on their education. Are they learning less than the children of key workers? – The children of key workers will be doing exactly the same work, as on the website.


Will we still get midterm reports?- Unfortunately, mid-term reports will not be sent out. We are awaiting further guidance regarding our end of year reports.

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