Since the announcement of school closures, we have asked pupils to complete work that has been uploaded onto the school website by their class teacher. The work should last until Friday 1st May if you followed the suggested timetables.

With school closures continuing, we are making changes to our online learning provision. From Monday 4th May, St Ursula’s Infant and Junior schools will be using Google Classroom to set work for pupils. Google classroom will make it easier for staff to share tasks and for pupils to upload the work they have completed.

A new activity template has been created for children to complete each week. The template will be uploaded onto Google classroom.

Click here for example of new weekly activity sheet

This new template is more accessible for both pupils and parents. There is enough structure to keep the pupils focused but flexible enough to allow them to revisit the work throughout the day IF they can't access a computer continuously.

Each week, teachers will upload a weekly task sheet and any resources needed to complete the tasks. 


Below are documents that will support you with signing in and accessing your Year group work and uploading completed tasks.  Select the link to find out more:

How to login for the first time

How to edit and submit a PDF using a mobile phone

How to edit and submit a PDF using a PC or laptop

Please click the link below to access the google classroom sign in page:

Google classroom sign in page

If you do have any questions or problems regarding login details please email:


Although we expect all pieces of work to be completed, not all need to be uploaded.

Please see below:

Week 1 (4th - 8th May) & Week 2 (11th - 15th May)

There is no expectation for pupils to upload work in the first two weeks.  As this will be new to pupils, we just want to ensure they are able to access the work being planned.

Week 3 (18th - 22nd May) & Week 4 (25th - 29th May)

Having used Google classrooms for two weeks, pupils will be expected to upload 1 piece of work.  Teachers will let their class know the piece of work they want to be uploaded.

Week 5 (1st - 5th June) &  Week 6 (8th -12th June)

To be reviewed.

* You may upload more work than what is stated; however, teachers will focus their feedback on the work they have asked you to upload.


It is expected that you will worry about your child falling behind in their learning; however, we encourage you to continue using the work on the school website and Google classroom. This work has been planned so that it follows closely (as closely as home-schooling allows) to what would have been taught in our classes during the Summer Term. Remember that all parents and pupils are in the same position.

We understand that your children will have had a very different learning experience during the lockdown and we will ensure that we make provision for filling any gaps once we return to school.

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